Home Builders and New Projects in Niagara Falls


New Homes by Empire Communities: Imagine Niagara

When looking for the perfect house you can call home, it usually boils down to two things. There are several factors which could affect a person’s decision making when it comes to choosing a home—but two of the most dominant ones are budget and location. Oftentimes, other equally important factors are overlooked.

Not that budget and location are any less significant than the other things we consider when buying a house, but it should also be noted that we should be considering the developer of the home as well. A home can easily be defined by its developer. Usually, a developer with a great reputation will have an entire village selling like hotcakes simply because they are the ones building it.

Empire Communities has always been known as an award-winning home builder in GTA. With its long roster of reputable communities with homes that stand the test of time, people who are familiar in Canadian real estate know that homes built and developed by Empire Communities are well worth the price.

Since opening its doors in 1993, it has continued its mission of building beautiful homes that are durable enough in times of disasters and catastrophes. They have shifted a little to building high rise condos, and have never stopped in building homes.

They have just launched and started new projects you might want to check out if you have decided to purchase your own home.

Imagine Niagara

Empire Communities build not just homes, but true to their name, convenient communities designed to keep their residents happy living in a place where everything is within a stone’s throw away. Imagine Niagara is one of its most awaited real estate developments to date, mainly because of the home’s design and the strategic location.

  • Why invest in Imagine Niagara? Its location is one for the books. Imagine waking up with the breathtaking view of the Niagara Falls. It feels just like a dream, except that it is real. Residents of Imagine Niagara will also enjoy being surrounded by luscious greenery, so they feel like they are far away from the city. Then again, there is no need to fret as the city is still just a few hours away. There are also great amenities to be enjoyed by everyone around the vicinity.
  • What can Imagine Niagara residents enjoy in the area? Apart from the community’s amenities, there are also vineyards and fresh farm produce all within easy reach. No more excuses to delay healthy lifestyle when vegetables and fruits produced organically are so easily accessible. The village is also very close to many cultural attractions such as museums and art parks.
  • How many homes will the community have? A whopping number of 1300 homes are planned. This just means it will be a big, happy community. The reason why people sometimes are deterred from buying a home in a subdivision is the absence of camaraderie among the neighborhood. With a neighborhood as large as this one is depicted to be, it will be a breeze to enjoy community living at its finest.
  • What designs will the homes have? Ultimately classic with some understated elegance, homes for sale in Imagine Niagara are designed to look great no matter the trend. The reason why unlike other communities, Empire Communities choose to stick to the classic design, is to avoid homes looking out of place when in the years to come the trend they chose to follow is already out of style.

Glow Mississauga

Already sold out, this joint product of Empire Communities with Pace Development provides classic townhomes boasting of its great location—being very close to downtown. With a location so ideal, it is no wonder how it has sold all its 66 homes in such a short span of time.

  • Why did it sell so fast? Its close proximity to downtown made people think of the time they can save every day when they have to go to school or to work. Most people look at a home’s location before making up their minds, and Glow Mississauga truly passed their high standards with flying colors.
  • What are the homes like? Glow Mississauga houses 66 signature town homes built with utmost care to satisfy its residents. Using only the finest construction materials, residents can be assured that their homes are not the type to give in to flood and other natural calamities.

Lakeside Brampton

Over the years, Lakeside has been known to be one of Canada’s most livable areas. This is exactly why all 700 homes planned in Lakeside Brampton have been sold out in such a short time. One of Empire Communities’ largest communities, it houses several home designs perfect for various groups of people.

  • Why did it sell so fast? Brampton is a thriving area on its own, and Lakeside Brampton has just added to the bright community. It is a large community surrounded by a spectacular view to greet you day in and day out, and it is also very close to the city. With many amenities to enjoy, Lakeside Brampton is simply a community you cannot resist.
  • What are the homes like? The whole community houses different home types including semi-detached, single detached, and town homes. For people with very singular tastes, homes in Lakeside Brampton are certain to please them.

Empire Communities has been in the real estate project development business for over 20 decades. They have been in the business so long, and have successfully maintained their clean reputation after all the projects they have developed. Those long years only mean one thing: they are certainly good in what they are doing.

The homes they develop all look great, and still serve as their portfolio of how well they have been doing their jobs for the past 23 years. These are why people still choose to purchase the homes they build—all because they have done a great job.

Choosing a home based on the developer is a wise move. The reputation of the developer will almost always define the kind of home they build. Choose a convenient community to live in, rather than an empty village. Find a home that is developed by a reputable real estate developer, and you know very well you are on the right track.