Homebuilders in Deerfield Estates, Niagara Falls

72Waking up to nature’s beauty and wonder. Indeed, there is no place like home.

We fell in love with the place – Majestic waterfalls. Just being grateful seeing this. What if we share this with others? Letting them experience the unexplainable wonder of nature and make them realize that money cannot defy the value of appreciation and satisfaction that this place offers. Selling a real estate in this place is a pot of gold. Adding finishing touches and you will be getting satisfied homebuyers that you never imagined. Definitely, this is a place overflowing with beauty that you’ll be mad about. Welcome to Niagara.

Homebuilders had their eyes on this wonderful place. A whole new world that can develop along with the new technology that can coordinate with the environment. It is an amazing development that we can just imagine before but happening right before our eyes. It’s a honeymoon capital of the world that is slowly advancing and offering new opportunities to people. It is known as a tourist destination with the countryside feel. Niagara has a lot to offer with regard to its land. Recreational activities, nature setting and wine route which offers the best wines in the world. Within a few minutes, you will be at New York State or the Big Apple. Surely, investment return will flow like a river with outstanding satisfaction guarantee. Anyone couldn’t ask for more.

There are three homebuilders that take the plunge with investing at Deerfield Estate. The desire to share this magical world of Niagara – to be their homes and a place where their dreams become a reality. The three homebuilders are:

  • Kenmore Homes
  • Mountainview Homes
  • Pinewood Homes
  • Marken Homes

The love for nature shared in the best possible way. Creating a home and making it extravagant by connecting it to nature – along with the eco-friendly enhancements. Forming a perfect place to call a home, let us know the builders more:

  • Kenmore Homes – creating homes since 1955. They comply with the Energy Star standard and also offer environment friendly innovations which allow them to think green. Giving the best quality for their buyers to keep their reputation and standard leveled with other companies. Awards which uplifts their credibility from their website, kenmorehomes.ca:
    • Builder of the Year
    • Best New Home Design
    • Leader in Innovation
    • Creativity and Excellence
    • Continued Excellent Rating with Tarion Warranty Corporation

Deerfield Estate is a Kenmore project that is the most economical community. All convenience right outside of your home. As checked, homes are already sold out. This just shows how good it is to invest at this area and Kenmore is one of the homebuilders who translated their investment into profit within a short span of time. We can tell that Niagara is one of the best locations with property investment and your decision is the best thing that you have done in your life.

  • Mountainview Homes – trusted homebuilder in Niagara since 1979. Became Niagara’s largest home builder in 1980’s. Deerfield Estate, St Michael Avenue is their project. This builder also bagged awards and this is from mountainview.com site:
    • 2015 Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA)
    • 2015 Niagara Home Builders Association
    • 2015 St. Catharines Standard Readers’ Choice
    • 2014 National Association of Home Builders
    • 2014 Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
    • Many other awards since 2004 up to mentioned above

Mountainview Homes focused their business in Niagara and they are also known as Citizens of Niagara. They made sure that the community and the company works hand in hand for improvement and betterment of service for buyers.

  • Pinewood Homes – The project is located at Deerwood Estates, Kalar Road. Started their business since 1975. They provide further information by contacting them.
  • Marken Homes – The newest or baby builder. Established in 2000. Member of Niagara Home Builder’s Association with a remarkable standing. Registered Tarion Home Builder with excellent rating as stated on their website, markenhomes.ca.

Credibility and Stability

This is one of the things that we look for homebuilders. We don’t want to give our money and lose it. The homebuilders mentioned have established their credibility and yet we still need to choose wisely as we get to know them more. We entrust our money to the people who can give out information and show transparency to us.

The homebuilders in Deerfield Estates at Niagara had the courage and seen the mine that in waiting to unfold by digging. Kenmore Homes seems to be very transparent when it comes to their data and it is paying off on their behalf. They are doing their best to let the community see that what they are offering is the beneficial for the people and the environment as well. They do their best to adhere to the latest standards. They reap what they invested with, seeing sold out and hopefully opening more houses.

Slowly, others will take part on the trend the was currently happening. Sharing of ideas is good for these builders. Exerting quality for the betterment not just of the homes they built but the community gearing up to build relationship with nature is important. Niagara is rich with resources and homebuilders should always keep in mind that now is the time to step up and focus on a better environment.

We are steward of the environment. Niagara is gifted with nature’s finest treasure. Good to see that homebuilders are open to social responsibility as their way to stop the climate change that is happening right now. Homebuilders should pass this along to the next generations to come.

Thanks to the homebuilders realizing that there is no place like home. By having nature at our doorstep or knowing that it is just outside and discovering it is just like a movement in our hands. It can pump up our desire to help others and give more positive outcome in our lives. Gratitude because they give their love of nature.

Home is where the heart is and our heart will really stay because it is close to the nature that we should have been taking care many years ago. Homebuilders in Deerfield Estate, Niagara Falls are slowly transitioning. Carefully sharing the nature to the people who want it to be their home. It is so nice to see nature and progress working hand in hand through the homebuilders. They just not build a home now but connect everything back to the environment. The magic is here at Niagara.


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