New Home Builders: Pinewood Niagara

x2For people, we can easily see a newbie from a pro. Newbies usually take note and apply what they learn. Remember their mistake and try again. Make adjustments to improve and become like a pro.

New home builders are the same. They take small steps like any business do. It is difficult to start yet being able to start is a good thing however you have to have a heart that doesn’t give up when things are going the wrong way.

Pinewood Niagara is a new home builder. Seeing their website, notice the lack of information about the company. Yes, it mentioned since 1975 but where is the proof? There are a lot of questions and doubts that would form at the mind of people about the website. Yes, we may say that it might not be updated. Digital world is moving fast and this is the right time for business to grab the opportunity. Credibility of a business lies on the information that can be provided. If there is no transparency how would the business grow? Experiences and stories from people are great sellers as well and it is better if Pinewood Niagara has a few testimonials of it for start.

Since we are talking about New Home Builders, let me give 10 tips to be successful as a homebuilder:

  1. Hire out of school youth as trainees – start by giving allowance and when they are able to prove that they can do the job, make them an employee. Start small and maximize the resources that where you can minimize spending. You don’t want too many expenses otherwise you’ll be in for debt.
  2. Make a lasting impression with the clients – first impression lasts. Make sure that you start positive and be consistent with what you do. Learn to be selective and trust your instincts. If you don’t jive, then refuse in a nice manner.
  3. Focus on your business – technology distracts what we need to do. Learn how to manage your time wisely. Have a schedule with checking emails, social media and other things. When you need to hustle, better focus on it and avoid distractions.
  4. Never hire friends or relatives – this may actually lead to disagreement and broken relationships. It is better to hire people that you don’t know so that emotions will not affect your business.
  5. Expect quality – homebuilding can’t be good enough. It should be satisfying the clients wants even exceeding it. Referrals are big help because word of mouth still is the best marketing. Seeing job well done especially on homes will attract clients and that mean more profits.
  6. Work from home – since this is your business why need to put up another office? This is minimizing the cost as well as valuing time. Better to have an office at home where you can work anytime and let your family check you from time to time, too. Avoiding traffic which will is also a waste of time.
  7. Rent and spend – if things will be used once, you may decide to have it rented but if it would be two or more times, it is better if you invest for the quality.
  8. Tool renting is always a No –buy all the tools you need when budget comes in but for specialized tools, get your rent expense from clients. Normally, they are one time use only and it will be a pain for the expenses if you would take it.
  9. Trust your gut feeling – if you cannot believe it, then that is the truth. Better to be safe than sorry. Invest on your negotiating skills to get better deals.
  10. Invest on the trusted technology available – it is not easy to shift from one application from another but eventually through practice you will be better at it. Continuous learning is now a part of everything. Digital technology had made communication faster and learning better, too. You can either self-learn things or seek mentors.

Homebuilding business like any business is not easy. Homebuilders need people that match their goals and values. That is how good relationship and business start. If one is not aligned with what you value, chances are the castle that you are building will eventually turn out to be like a sand castle, will fall apart easily.

Value your customer’s feedback and make sure that before you close the deal have everything checked. Your reputation can be tarnished right away if you are starting up. You have to remember to think what if you are on that situation? How would you feel? Clients are valuable because they give life to your business. When we decide to be a homebuilder we have to remember the purpose, which is to help people find the homes that fit to them. Yes, start is tough but your desire should be strong enough to help you find your way.

Pinewood Niagara can improve overtime. With the proper tools and right people, they can achieve what other homebuilders have done and able to surpass it. They already started and they can be reach success if they take the tips given to them. There is always room for improvement.

Learning the business that one invested to should continue. Seeking mentors like experienced homebuilders and get advice from them. Know where to buy quality yet with the good price tools. Hire people that have extensive experience with homebuilding and also trainees. Trainees can be the people who do the hard stuff like plumbing, electrical wiring, painting what we call labor. Do not get purchase more properties unless you have gotten your return of investment. We can just give suggestions yet Pinewood Niagara should take advantage of the chance that was given.

New Homebuilders will encounter bad feedback. It should be taken positively and help with taking adjustments to work back up again. It would hurt but one should be able to ponder on it and get back up. Everyone starts as a beginner yet with resiliency, one can survive and accept the challenge.

Homebuilder should delegate task. Delegation is very effective with this kind of business. As a business owner, one should take care of the business and let others do their designated roles. Teach and motivate but not to the extent to do the job for them. Give out essentials for new homebuilders that are considered as new business as well.

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